T5 HO Grow Lights

T5 HO indoor grow lights are a preferred method of lighting for a lot of people. They run cool, use very little energy, and are reasonably priced. I am currently running a 6 lamp 4 foot T5 HO indoor grow light over 4 separate 4 pot DWC systems with no issues what so ever.

There is a lot of information about T5’s and I don’t want to ramble on about them so I will just pull a couple of key points about them from this Wikipedia article, then I will show you what ones I think are a great buy and hopefully I can save you some time on your search for an indoor grow light.

  1. T5 lamps are approximately 40% smaller than T8 lamps and almost 60% smaller than T12 lamps
  2. You can fit more T5 lamps in a space then you can the T8 or T12’s
  3. The smaller light source also enables more accurate control of beam direction by means of optics
  4. Most T5 ballasts are very quiet and carry class “A” sound ratings
  5. T5 lamp has a higher lumens-per-watt efficiency than a T8 lamp of about the same electric power
  6. Bulbs to cover multiple light spectrum’s for vegging and blooming fruit and vegetables


Energy efficiency of Fluorescent’s

Now you can submerse yourself in technical information about T5’s but that is not what this website is here for. If you are deciding between T5’s, LED, Metal Halide, or HPS lights, than we have to weight the advantages and disadvantages. The T5 will save you money on energy and run cooler then the HPS and Metal Halide, but you do lose out on lumen output that those offer. Maybe though, your garden does not have the requirements and needs of the more powerful indoor grow lights. I myself am very happy with the T5’s and are doing just fine for my garden. You decide.

I have searched for you and this is what I have found.

Hydrofarm JSV2 “2 foot- one tube” $55.00




Here is the Hydrofarm JSV2. This is a pretty sweet little light and rack combo for about $55. This is a 2 foot 1 lamp T5 light rack that is perfect if you are just starting and want to light up a small hydroponic system or if you want to set up an area for starting seed or clones. The light is adjustable so you can lower and raise it to get it really close to your plants. One of the complaints for this system seem to be that the instructions to assemble it are a little tricky to understand. I’m sure you will be able to figure it out though. Also one bulb may not get you very far if you decide to grow larger plants. Other than that, I find this to be a good item for the price.




Hydrofarm JSV4 “4 foot – 1 tube” $65.00




Now if the JSV2 from Hydrofarm is just a little too small, you can get this 4 foot unit for only a couple bucks more. Depending on how much space you have, this may give you a little more bang for your buck for a couple extra dollars.



EnviroGro FLT24 “2 foot – four tube” $89.00




The EnviroGro T5 indoor grow light is a cool little T5 fixture. This guy comes with the 4 bulbs ready to go, and lots of cool features. You can hang this light 3 different ways, and its pretty easy with its low profile design. The ballast comes with a 5 year warranty and the whole fixture has a sweet powder coating to it. This is a great light for $89.00.


Hydrofarm FLT46 “4 foot – 6 tube” $169.00

Hydrofarm FLT46 3




Next is the Hydrofarm FLT46. This T5 indoor grow light was the next one I chose because of its good reviews. There are a couple of models that cost a little less than this one, but the quality of the fixture and the cost were not worth it. This light on the other hand is pretty sweet. This is a 4 foot fixture with 6 lamps. The FLT46 comes with 6 x 6500K bulbs ready to go. One other feature I really like about this unit is it has duel on/off switches that you can see in the picture above. This will help you save on power when you only need 3 of the bulbs going at a time. This also has a 5 year warranty on the ballast and is powder coated aluminum.  This is a great deal at $175. One of my favorite T5′s for hydroponics. If you have an extra $15 you can step it up with 2 more bulb for the unit below. Bulbs cost more than that alone, so if you have the space then check out the EnviroGro FLT48.

EnviroGro FLT48 “4 foot – 8 tube” $189.00

EnviroGro FLT48




With 8 lamps at 4 feet long, this is a serious T5 grow light. You will be able to see this from space when lit.   This has the same awesome feature of shutting down half of it by flipping a switch to save on power as the Hydrofarm FLT46. You can shut off 4 of the 4 foot bulbs when you don’t need them running.  That is much easier than pulling out and storing bulbs.  Also at $190 each, you can buy 2 of these for the price of some of the other competitors units.